“THE STORY OF FORMULATION” Seminar Successfully held in Malaysia

Dec 13,2019

Rainbow Agrosciences Sdn. Bhd. has been serving Malaysia agriculture with quality products and professional crop protection service since its establishment in late 2015; with brand commitment- ASSURANCE FROM THE ORIGIN, Rainbow brand has been deeply connected with dealers and farmers.

Rainbow launched “Double 11” marketing program in Nov. 2019 to celebrate the 5th year operation in Malaysia, and achieved great goal with dealers’ support. And then Malaysia team held a talk “THE STORY OF FORMULATION” in The Gardens Hotel KL by inviting 4 formulation engineers from China R & D center.

Dealers have quite sufficient knowledge of crops and diseases, but puzzled when referring to how pesticides are made, what spec are important for different formulations or tank mix sequence, application requirement etc., During the seminar, engineers demonstrated the history of pesticides, the process of formulation, and key spec of different formulations, and also provided detailed suggestion to attendees about tanks mix and other application requirements. Hot discussions continue in Q & A session and even after seminar.

It’s first time that Malaysia Crop Protection company bring the formulation techniques discussion to dealer level and proves to be beneficial for both dealers and our lab engineers. Actions always speak louder than words. We move one more step forward with the vision’s leading-TO BE A GLOBAL LEADING CROP PROTECTION COMPANY


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