Rainbow organized a mega farmer meeting in Myanmar

Dec 14,2019

Recently at Einme township in Ayeyarwarddy Region of Myanmar, Rainbow Myanmar team organized a mega farmer meeting together with Rainbow local partners to launch Rainbow products in green beans field.More than 600 farmers attending this farmer meeting.

It is the peak season for agrochemical in Myanmar local market now, Rainbow Myanmar team intensifies their activities to promote Rainbow Brand products. During this meeting, Rainbow Myanmar marketing and sales manager introduced Rainbow group situation to farmers, especially outstanding production base of Rainbow in China. And our local dealers introduced how to collocation use Rainbow products to control diseases, insect pests and weeds in green beans field.

Finally this farmer meeting achieved excellent result, on-site sales got higher than 20,000USD. With this farmer meeting, we enhancing Rainbow Brand image in local farmers level, introducing collocation use of Rainbow products, deepening the relationship between Rainbow Myanmar and Rainbow local dealers, and promoting the sales of Rainbow dealer. Carrying the mission of "All about growing", practicing the values of “Customer Oriented,Rapid Response; Constant Effort,Open and Inclusive; Together We work,Together We Win”, Rainbow team is working steadfastly to achieve the vision of "To be a Global Leading Crop Protection Company".


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