About Us
Our History

Rainbow is a leading global crop protection company. It was founded in Jinan, China, in 2000 by a group of entrepreneurs, and now it is one of the world’s top thirteen agrochemical companies*.

In 2000, Rainbow was founded in Jinan, China.

In 2004, the Company bought a land and started to build its first own factory in Weifang, China.

In 2008, Rainbow began to make investment on overseas registrations, by starting operations in Argentina and Australia, becoming one of the earliest Chinese companies to start developing the agrochemical international markets focusing on innovation.

In 2012, the Company set up the “Rapid Market Access Platform” as business strategy, that allowed Rainbow to invest in more and more countries. This business model in conjunction with a continuous innovation focus and a win-win partnership relationship with our customers, it has allowed the Company to become a fast growing agrochemical company.

In 2014, as a way to complement its business strategy, the company has started to explore the branding business in Ghana and Cambodia. Later it started to do it in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and all countries in Central America markets.

Today, Rainbow is one of leading global presence crop protection companies. It has its headquarters in Jinan, China, and has four factories with R&D centers, strategically located around the world, that synthesizes and formulates full range of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, with world class quality standards, as well it has a broaden agrochemical portfolio that gives to Rainbow a promising future.

*Source: AgroPages http://news.agropages.com/News/NewsDetail---28032.htm

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